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Friday, May 10, 2013

NEW Mission Centre Financial Officer

Announcement for New Mission Centre Financial Officer:

I am pleased to announce that High Priest Kerry Richards has accepted the position of Mission Centre Financial Officer for Canada East Mission Center. Kerry is a member of the Hamilton, Ontario, Community of Christ, where he has been active in congregational leadership and small group ministry. As a former Seventy, he retains a heart for mission, and he has served in a variety of leadership positions through the years. He is the current President of the Board for the Sionito and Zerin non-profit, low income housing projects affiliated with Community of Christ, and a board member of the Bill McMurray Residence housing project. Professionally he has held positions of sales, marketing manager, sales management, business development, franchise director and VP sales and marketing. His business experience will provide a good foundation of skills for the role of Mission Centre Financial Officer.

He will begin working with Mike Hewitt on August 1, with orientation and training for his new responsibilities. When Mike officially retires as MCFO on September 1, Kerry will be ready to assume the role. He brings to this role a positive, innovative personality full of energy, hope, and dedication to the mission and message of Community of Christ.

Kerry and his wife Shelley live in Stoney Creek within commuting distance of the Guelph Office. They have three grown children: Lindsay, Ryan, and Jaime. May God’s blessing rest with the entire family as Kerry transitions into his new responsibilities.


Susan Oxley
Council of Twelve Apostles

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