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Friday, March 15, 2013

Help Strengthen Canadian Field Peace/Justice Efforts !

Part of the church’s calling is to address the Canadian-specific issues that swirl around us. Rather than feel overwhelmed, the Canadian Peace/Justice Committee wants us all to feel anchored and energized as we join others in addressing these issues. We have created subcommittees and are looking for people drawn to help the Canadian Field in the following areas:

- Does “Attawapiskat” bother you? Does #IdleNoMore either perplex you or give you hope? Then consider joining our subcommittee on First Nations issues as we seek the Spirit’s wisdom that will free us all from the legacy of that troubled past.

- More prisons. Justice that doesn’t seem just. Where is “restorative justice”? If any of this concerns you, consider joining the subcommittee on our Justice System;

- The stigma – “Depression”, “Bipolar”, “ADHD” – the list goes on. Consider helping to remove the marginalization felt by people with Mental Health issues by joining our Mental Health subcommittee. We are all God’s children and thus are all due the accompanying sense of full dignity and self-respect;

- Human Trafficking in Canada? YES. Crushed dreams. Scarred bodies. Perhaps within a block of where you worship. If this troubles you, consider joining our Human Trafficking subcommittee.

- Canadian Aid misapplied; tied to Canada’s advantage. Consider joining our Foreign Aid / International Development subcommittee if you want to help ensure that Canadian efforts to address international poverty and relief is properly anchored and directed.

Here is a list of some other areas where we would cherish your help:
- Immigration / Refugee Assistance;
- Environmental Concerns, from GMOs to climate change;
- Military / Peacekeeping;
- Inter-Religious Relations;
- Others? Child Poverty, etc. – let us know your area of concern.

Feel God’s Spirit calling you to any of the above issues? Then please contact a committee member, listed below. Don’t put it off. As a church committed to the pursuit of peace, there are many ways that we, under God’s Good Spirit, can join with others to help further God’s desire for true shalom for all!

Anna Jean Bradley
Bryce Taylor
Steve Northey
Rod Downing  Chair 604-535-6550

Monday, March 4, 2013


CORINTH COMMUNITY OF CHRIST (54246 EDEN LINE – Culloden Rd. & Eden Line)
SAT. MAR. 16/13 8:00 – 10:30 am
$5.00 Poceeds go to Straffordville and Port Burwell Public Schools Healthy Snack Programs

Please help us raise money for our local schools to help our children

Friday, March 1, 2013


Effective August 31, 2013 Mike Hewitt, our Canada East Mission Financial Officer will be retiring.
World Church will be posting his position in the near future.