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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Help Strengthen Canadian Field Peace/Justice Efforts !

Consider helping the Canadian Field in its Peace/Justice Efforts! The Canadian Peace/Justice Committee is forming subcommittees to help address some of the issues that swirl around us. Do you feel particularly drawn to any of the following issues?

- Canadian justice system and its current policies;
- Mental Health and the current Canadian system’s inadequacies;
- First Nations Issues;
- Immigration / Refugee Assistance;
- GMOs;
- Human Trafficking;
- Foreign Aid / International Development (not ready yet);
- Military / Peacekeeping (not ready yet);
- Inter-Religious Relations (not ready yet);
- Others? Child Poverty, etc. – let us know your area of concern.

We are creating subcommittees to explore the above issues. So please contact a committee member, listed below, if you feel you might be interested in being part of this impactful effort. As a church committed to the pursuit of peace, there are many ways that we, under God’s Good Spirit, can join with others to help further God’s desire for true shalom for all!

Anna Jean  Bradley
Bryce Taylor
Steve Northey
Rod Downing Chair 604-535-6550

1 comment:

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