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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Introduction from New CEM President

Pastors and Congregational Leaders:

It is with great enthusiasm and a loving spirit that I wish to introduce myself to those of you who know little or nothing of me.

I have been a part of the Canada East Mission staff since my appointment on

July 1, 2011 as Operations Manager to lead the logistics and budget for the Canadian National Video/Conference scheduled for June 16th, 2012. My responsibilities have involved many aspects of the CEM and I have been impressed with the programs, local initiatives, the people in leadership roles and the good spirit that resides throughout this Mission.

I was born in Chatham, raised in the church, baptised at the age of eight and then married the daughter of Maitland Street’s pastor, John E. Campbell. Nancy and I made our first home in early 1979 in Edmonton Alberta. I was ordained a Deacon in the Kensington Congregation in 1980. Employment searching brought us along with our two sons back to Ontario where we settled in Guelph in late 1983. While in Guelph our daughter was born in 1985.

I worked for a Consulting Engineering firm with emphasis in Environmental Testing with simulation of wind, snow and sun-shade. This career opportunity had positioned me to be part of the wind study on the Church’s Temple in Independence. I shared my experience which I will never forget with an article in the Herald. Since our children have a tendency for us to become involved, I was elected a Public School Board Trustee representing the City of Guelph from 1988-1991. The French Immersion program was part of my voice as I stood for future opportunity for the next generation.

I was called to the office of Priest in 1988 and then to Elder in 1994 in the Guelph Congregation. I was involved in various Leadership roles in the Guelph church as well as being their Pastor for several years.

I would think that you have sensed how much the church plays a role in my life. By using the term “Church”, I mean the people and my personal Lord and Saviour. God has now called me again from my comfort zone. I have been called to be a Leader, in this Mission of this church in this capacity. I feel that this is a new calling for me and that I am capable. However, like anything else in life, we require loving support, understanding, patience and a collective unified approach in order to see things accomplished with a will and determination, and in the name of the One we serve.

It is so motivating to hear and see many people gathering in the name of Christ. All members of our community are encouraged to be a beacon that collectively becomes that Christ- like signal in the community in which we find ourselves.

The Spirit of the Lord is upon us, upon YOU. That same Spirit that created our teacher, our friend and our saviour is the same Spirit that created each one of us. God values each person, and has created each one with purpose and in God’s divine image and likeness. Wow.

How can we keep from singing? Make your joyful noise and be part of that “Signal Community” that expresses the Peace of Christ in a world that struggles and is contrary to God’s will for creation.

We, yes YOU are called to change lives, one life at a time. Let the January rains be a symbol to all, God’s cleansing. Let the collecting flakes of snow be a reminder of the mighty power and mystery of our Creator, the majestic God that loves us. Let the seasons change, reflecting new growth, new leaves and new life unseen before. Let the beauty of Easter Lilies be a reflection of why Christ died on a cross and a reminder of life and purpose yet to be lived. Find that purpose in your life by kneeling before your God and start fresh, the commitment to serve the One that gives life, even everlasting life.

May this be a year of multiplying ministry, a year where you find peace and love and joy. May you seek to bring not only these, but hope to others in the name of the One you serve. Do “what matters most” and be about God’s business. Take the initiative to fulfil the Mission of Jesus. Understand “the enduring principles” as encouraged by the leaders of this great faith. Listen, and hear Jesus in your life.

May God add his blessings to our community in the Canada East Mission.

Tim Stanlick, CEM President
(888) 411-7537 #32

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